As people demand more and more from us, stress builds, deadlines need to be met, and when everything is finally done, we crash. It’s a vicious cycle; one that too many of us know too well, being caught up with work, family, friends, kids, always having to plan eight steps ahead and weeks in advance. It’s exhausting. After being stuck in that kind of lifestyle for long enough, our bodies begin to react and respond. We develop lines in our faces, wrinkles in our brow, and are susceptible to pockets of skin starting to droop across our face, making us look even more tired than we already are.

How Do We Fix That?

Where a facelift tends to concentrate on the middle of the face, usually between the eyes and the chin, a browlift tackles the effects of aging just north of the border. Where you may have noticed drooping eyebrows, sagging skin in the forehead, or a general flatness or tiredness to the face, these are what a browlift seeks to address. As with other parts of the face, aging in the brow is the result of loosening skin muscles in the affected area. The browlift targets these areas while simultaneously targeting deep wrinkles in the forehead as well. It’s a procedure for patients who may be dissatisfied with the results provided by a facelift alone, or, or course, it could simply be for those concerned exclusively with that part of the face.

Gone are the archaic and antiquated methods of achieving a browlift. Our surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics use a more modern approach to the procedure, including those less invasive than having to cut from ear to ear. This procedure tackles the brow, the wrinkles in the forehead, the drooping eyebrows, and the creases around the affected area. And you have options still at your disposal. The patient has three options to approach his or her brow and we’ll briefly explain each down below:

The Coronal Browlift:

The more traditional approach, this procedure will remove skin from the scalp, right around the hairline. From that, you can infer that it leaves the effect of a slightly raised hairline which then means a longer forehead. It requires a longer recovery time but gives your surgeon more freedom to contour the procedure to the patient’s condition.

The Endoscopic Browlift:

Less invasive than the Coronal, the Endoscopic Browlift is the most common variety performed by our surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics. As opposed to the Coronal, this one uses a greater number of incisions, but much smaller ones, which results in minimal scarring and a far more expedient recovery time. It won’t achieve quite as pronounced a final result, but the Endoscopic Browlift is undoubtedly an easier process to undergo.

The Lateral Browlift (Temple Lift)

Another browlift less invasive than the Coronal, the Lateral Browlift is best for patients who have a great deal of sagging outside and around the vicinity of both eyebrows. Small incisions are made there to cut back some of the excess skin.

Which One’s Right for Me?

Spend some time with one of our surgeons for an initial consultation to figure out if you’d be a good candidate for a browlift and which one is best suited to your needs. Just because you feel tired doesn’t mean you have to look it. You deserve to be at your best-looking, most-confident self. Call us today at 215-503-FACE to set up a consultation today!