Skin that is sagging or loose around the facial area can make you look old and worn out. If it’s around the eyes you can even look like you’re always scowling. This affects how other perceive you in social situations and even affect your career prospects, especially as you age, when it becomes very important to appear as youthful as possible to stay competitive.

There are a lot of procedures and treatments that can help with loose, sagging skin. The most common procedure to correct this problem is a full facelift, which requires invasive surgery. But there’s an alternative that is non-invasive that will also tighten loose skin around the face to help you look younger and healthier.

What is ThermiTight?

ThermiTight, also known as “thermistor-controlled subdermal skin tightening,” is a treatment that uses radio frequencies to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production. Collagen is part of the skin’s “scaffolding” that gives it volume and form. In order to stimulate this collagen production, ThermiTight directly targets the collagen layer of skin. The radio frequencies used produces heat, and it’s this heat that helps the skin make more collagen.

After the area is treated with an anesthetic solution, ThermiTight uses a very small needle probe that is inserted into the skin. Once in the proper spot, the doctor gently moves the probe around to evenly spread the radio frequency throughout the area. In order to prevent the skin from getting too hot and causing unnecessary discomfort, the doctor uses a tool called the Thermal Image Guidance system to monitor the skin temperature.

The entire treatment usually lasts around an hour. Afterwards, the doctor will inspect the area and cover it in a light wrap. One of the best parts about ThermiTight is that the downtime is very minimal. Unlike a facelift, which can have a recovery period of a few weeks or more, most patients are able to resume their normal activities the day after their ThermiTight treatment.

How long do the effects of ThermiTight last?

This is another great benefit of ThermiTight. One treatment can produce results that last for up to two years (or sometimes more!). However, every patient is different and the doctor will discuss any follow-up treatments that might be needed. It should be noted, however, that even though patients will notice an immediate improvement, the positive effects of ThermiTight will increase over time. This means as the months go by, your skin will look better and better.

What specific problems can ThermiTight treat?

ThermiTight is effective for treating the following:

  • Double chin
  • Sagging skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Frown lines
  • And more!

ThermiTight is a revolutionary treatment that offers an alternative to patients who either aren’t ready for a facelift, or simply do not want surgery to correct loose and sagging skin. The fact that it’s non-invasive and that it has minimal recovery time makes it a perfect treatment for those patients with busy schedules, but who still want to look and feel their very best.

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