While summer days have fallen behind us so too have opportunities to flaunt our beach bodies. We now soldier on into fall, ready for another changing of seasons. And while the bathing suits must return to the closet for their three-season hibernation, there is still unfinished business to attend to. While laying out by the pool in silky smooth skin may no longer be possible due to changes in the weather, preserving the appearance of your skin is a process to be maintained all year-round. But because having to shave consistently can be tedious and trips to the spa for wax treatments can be painful, it might be time to consider options for hair removal at Jefferson Facial Plastics.

What we offer at Jefferson to address unwanted facial hair is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). It’s a process that with only a handful of treatments is able to halt the growth of hair, leading to its permanent reduction in affected areas. It’s a relatively simple procedure and one that can ensure long term results with proper treatment.

Can You Explain Intense Pulsed Light?

One important distinguishing factor about IPL is that it is not “laser hair removal” per se. Intense Pulsed Light itself, is fairly self-explanatory. It is a non-invasive procedure in which your surgeon will administer a series of light bursts to the parts of the body that harbor excess hair, using them to damage hair follicles beneath the surface, hence the name, Intense Pulsed Light. What happens is that pigments in your absorb the light’s energy, killing the cells that help it grow.

The light is in this way able to target hair follicles directly becuase darker substances absorb more light than those that are not dark. On that note, it should also be said that IPL tends to achieve the best results for those with fairer skin and darker hair. People of varying skin tones and hair color can be treated of course, but IPL is able to work most effectively under the previously-stated circumstances, but questions regarding your suitability for the procedure are best left to your surgeon.

What Is the Extent of the Treatment?

The sharp bursts of light do cause a brief sensation but IPL is most often performed without any need for topical anesthetic. It is certainly a relatively painless procedure. Patients often return to their routines immediately after being treated. Subsequent treatments are recommended. With each one, hair becomes lighter in color, finer, and grows in more and more slowly than before. Generally, six to eight treatments is the threshold to which patients are most satisfied with their results. Additionally, more treatments prolong the length of time for which those results can be maintained.

IPL is simply able to provide results that shaving and waxing cannot. It actually gets to the root of the problem rather than merely skimming off the top. It’s a common feeling to be dissatisfied with the appearance of facial hair and not only is IPL an excellent option to have at your disposal, it is also discreet. We at Jefferson Facial Plastics would strongly recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our surgeons, just to discuss a general interest in IPL to see if you would be a candidate for treatment. No one should feel tethered to their razor when it comes to dealing with facial hair. Give us a call today, at 215-503-FACE to schedule a consultation or visit us here at https://jeffersonfacialplastics.com/contact/consultation/ to make one for yourself!