There are many technologies used in the plastic surgery offices in America today. There are so many that clients can get confused about what is what. And confusion is never good for the physician or the patient. So let’s clear up some of that today, shall we? Today we’re looking at the difference between IPL and Laser.

Technology centered around Intense Pulsed Light has a huge variety of applications that can be life-changing for your appearance. While sometimes this technology seems a little intimidating, it’s actually incredibly safe and virtually pain free. IPL is basically light energy converted into heat energy that is comparable to a very high-powered camera flash against your skin.

These new treatments are very effective at targeting and treating chromophores (or color pigments) like melanin, brown spots and freckles; even haemoglobin that is broken or diffused into your blood vessels. These particular light waves are so complex that they can even target acne bacteria and collagen without even disrupting the skin’s surface.

What Is The Difference Between IPL and Lasers?

Lasers have been used in surgical applications for many years, now. The IPL is an application of laser technology that has been highly refined as the safest option for the beauty industry. The biggest difference that exists between IPL and lasers is the overall coverage distance that each prospective option provides.

Laser beams are very narrow and only treat small spots at a time, whereas IPL coverage is much wider and therefore quicker than laser treatments and are much quicker, for example, the IPL applicator is 7.5 square centimeters; making it comparable to a group of lasers instead of one laser to make the treatments easier and even less painful.

What Can I Do With IPL application?

Permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation are the major applications that IPL lasers are being used for in most beauty applications. This includes targeting melatonin in hair follicles and disrupting your hairs natural growing cycles. Darker hairs typically have the best and quickest results, but even light colored hairs can be treated with more application.

We do caution against treating darker hairs on darker skin; because darker skins tan very easily, this would be discussed further during consultation. Over the course of the process, you will be amazed to see your troubled hair areas become sparser and sparser over each session, and you should have completely shed unwanted hair within two weeks.

Skin rejuvenation is a very exciting new area of treatment for the beauty industry. IPL lasers target your skin tone and even re-texture tough areas, with specific focus on pigmentation and vascular lesions- even acne and rosacea. These skin rejuvenation techniques are non-invasive, and non-surgical, and can give you a complete and beautiful face lift.

The light created by IPL is absorbed into your skin’s color particles that are present in blood and melanin; even destroying strains of difficult proteins that produce collagen and propioni-bacterium that are sometimes nearly impossible to be rid of. The process brings these tough to remove pigments and lesions naturally, increasing your body’s production of collagen and elastin.

How Often Will I Need Treatments?

Generally speaking, most problems that you have, whether it’s hair removal or skin treatments can be corrected within 5-10 treatments; and usually in several week intervals. These variations depend on your personal genotype of course; but typically after a single treatment you will love the differences, and within a few weeks, your problems will be solved. Sometimes you might have to return for a check-up or follow up to your IPL removal- but this is completely normal.

What Happens When I Set Up an Appointment?

First we will have a consultation to decide exactly what should be done; and the color and condition of your skin that requires treatment must be assessed. Then, we will show you the procedure and see how you will react to IPL with a patch test; and it is very important to tell your physician about any medications you are taking or recent sun or UV exposure to determine your photo-sensitivity. The very worst case scenario is mild blistering or burning and the patch test is very, very mild.

Does It Hurt?

Most treatments are completely pain-free, but sometimes patients have said that they feel a very slight sting, comparable to a rubber band flick- and it’s definitely not unbearable. You will be able to return to work or other activities immediately after your appointment, and the only things you’ll notice is a slight raised area on your skin that will dissipate after an hour; although we strictly require no sun exposure or tanning for up to six weeks, and we do not recommend waxing, as it might remove hairs we are targeting. Also, we would advise against perfumes or deodorant that might react to a mild sunburn.

Other than that, the process is completely safe, and will have a definite effect on the way you enjoy your life through a non-invasive and very simple and safe procedure- although it is very important to have a trained professional perform your IPL procedures to guarantee they are adhering to specific guidelines.