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Often called a forehead rejuvenation or forehead lift, a brow lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to raise your brows by raising the skin and soft tissue of your brow and forehead.

If you feel that your brow is low or sagging, a brow lift may be the answer.

So, what can you expect?

Some Itching and Discomfort at First

While discomfort after a brow lift is minimal, you may still experience a bit. A prescription pain reliever usually helps to reduce discomfort.

You may also experience some itching in your scalp, particularly as the anesthesia starts to wear off. Try not to scratch so that you don’t accidentally open the sutures.

Slight Bruising and Swelling

Swelling and bruising are usually noticeable a few days after the procedure. Don’t worry, it starts to diminish around day four or five. Many patients report a dramatic decrease in their swelling about 10 to 14 days after surgery, which is when you will get a good idea of your final results.

However, you can minimize swelling by keeping your head elevated, even when you sleep. A cold compress can also help, but only if you remember to apply it regularly during the first few days after your surgery.

Enjoy the Benefits of Your Browlift

Once you have recovered from surgery, you can start to enjoy the benefits of your browlift, including:

  • A happier, friendlier, and more relaxed look since the creases and lines are smoothed away.
  • A smoother, more youthful appearance as excess skin and tissue (telltale aging signs) in the upper part of your face is
  • An alert appearance as raising the brow opens up the eye area.

A browlift offers long-term results when it comes to drooping, sagging skin across your brow line. Any excess skin is removed, and the underlying structure is also adjusted for a youthful and natural effect.

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There is no “one size fits all” procedure when it comes to browlifts. The surgery is tailored to your unique needs to ensure natural and beautiful results. From a mini lift to a full procedure, your entire browlift is designed to meet your particular needs.

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