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Combine dermaplanning with your favorite facial treatments for sensational results


Dermaplaning is a highly effective exfoliating treatment performed by a trained aesthetician. With the help of a surgical scalpel, dead skin cells and peach fuzz are gently scraped off the surface of your skin.

When you arrive for a dermaplaning treatment, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned and dried before commencing with the dermaplaning. Afterward, you may be offered a serum for your skin to soak up.

Dermaplaning proves especially helpful when it comes to removing the accumulation of dead skin on your face and removing microscopic hairs that can leave your complexion looking flaky and dull, and cause pimple breakouts due to clogged pores. Dermaplaning helps you keep a healthy and even glow, and you can use it in conjunction with several other treatment procedures.

Dermaplaning Combines Perfectly with Other Treatments

Dermaplaning can work well with other treatment procedures, such as chemical peels. It can help increase the peeling depth and you can repeat your dermaplaning treatments monthly, if needed, including a mixture of treatments such as hydrating facials, laser treatments, micro needling, and even microdermabrasion.

The Benefits of Combining Dermaplaning and Chemical Peels

Hyperkeratosis is the build-up of skin cells on the surface of your skin. When we remove the initial layer of skin, a chemical peel can penetrate far deeper into the dermis, making for a more effective treatment. Combined with dermaplaning, your skin is left rejuvenated and fresh, promoting new skin growth and targeting problems like sun spots, environmental damage, and aging.

Can I Have Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is highly effective for people with rough or dry skin textures. It can help minimize acne scarring and uneven skin tones. It also works well for mature skin, which often has a build-up of dead skin cells since cellular turnover tends to slow down as you age.

Dermaplaning is also safe for lactating or pregnant women who aren’t able to have chemical peels but want to add a treatment to their regular facials or micro needling sessions.

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