Throughout history; humankind has depicted the “ideal” of beauty- historically, even the Egyptians depicted the perfect idolized version of female proportions in their ancient art, and it has changed drastically since the beginning of time. Initially, the things that men found attractive were things that showed a woman was healthy or fit to raise children- more specifically women with large hips and full figures.

With the influence of the modern media, the traditional idea of beauty has transformed into the “visage” of perfection- impeccably dressed, flawless features, rain-thin and somehow wonderfully endowed. In fact, modern scientists have discovered the perfect nose ratio through cosmetic surgery and research on facial features, and what they’ve found might surprise you.

What defines perfection? These kinds of studies might confound and baffle some; but the perfect nose, according to recent research, suggests that the tip of the nose should be exactly 106 degrees. It might be difficult to understand exactly what this means; but scientists refer to degrees specifically when referring to nasal tip rotation. For each degree, the tip of the nose is rotated upward, and scientists claim this look is more feminine. Researchers further explained that any nose with an upward angle of more than 90 degrees can improve, even enhance a woman’s beauty and femininity, however this particular study was preformed solely on Caucasian women, so the findings might not apply to other races.

In the study in question, a group of 18-25 year old Caucasian women were photographed, and then the pictures were enhanced with a computer to place the nose at different angles on each subject’s face. The altered angles included 96, 101, 106, 111, and 116 degrees in respect to their faces. After viewing their pictures, all of the women chose their preferred angle at 106 degrees. Interestingly enough, an identical survey published on the internet concluded that over 4,000 participants to the study had the exact same preference as the women in the study, suggesting that 106 degrees is, in fact, the most attractive position for a nose. Furthermore, the study suggested that the most attractive angle for a nose on a man is exactly 90 degrees, because it makes a male face look more masculine.

To the knowledge of all scientists in the survey, this was the first true population-based study that attempted to simultaneously determine the perfect rotation of the nasal tip; however previous research papers have suggested that the perfect or ideal nose is between 104 and 108 degrees; suggesting that perhaps the study has reached the proper conclusion.

While this study definitely helps women searching for the perfect angles for their new noses; it is far from complete or thorough. It does, however, help those interested in nose surgery find a definitive starting point for deciding how they would like their nose to look, and might even streamline the process to allow women to find the perfect proportions immediately, instead of spending unnecessary amounts of money re-doing the process because it didn’t fill their particular wants or needs.