It’s safe to say that advancements in cosmetic surgery have grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. New technology and procedures have made cosmetic surgery safer, less expensive and with a shorter recovery time. Therefore, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to have their bodies modified in one way or another.

A new study, by an independent research firm, appears to confirm a general trend in increased interest in cosmetic procedures. The broad study included 5,035 women in the 18-64 age group. The study found a 200 percent increase in women who go to a cosmetic doctor for help and are unhappy with at least one area of their body.

Another study commissioned by the website RealSelf found that twenty-one percent of women were either planning to have plastic surgery, or seriously thinking about it.

Other reasons for interest in cosmetic surgery

Technology aside, why else are so many women contemplating seeking the help of a cosmetic surgeon to improve their bodies? One theory is that the younger women are especially influenced by what they see on reality television. Reality TV stars are undergoing these procedures and showing it’s not only easy, but the recovery is much faster than it used to be. Further, and more importantly, young women see the stunning results reality stars are getting by undergoing plastic surgery.

In other words, reality stars are bringing cosmetic surgery out of the shadows and into full daylight. People used to be secretive about going under the knife to improve their looks. It wasn’t something we talked about. Reality stars have changed all that. They’ve shown that it’s okay to get a little help from a surgeon to make yourself look better. Why not?

But it’s not just reality stars that are influencing women’s attitude towards their looks. The media in general bombards us daily with messages about looking good, staying healthy and having that perfect body.

The psychological factor

A study done in Norway by a PhD student found that there is underlying psychological issues at play. Many had body-image issues that stemmed from an eating disorder, bullying and other factors. While the study isn’t suggesting every woman who wants cosmetic surgery has psychological issues behind her desire for a procedure, it does show that there’s more at play than just reality stars and media influencing a woman’s decision.

Same problems, different solutions

So even though love handles (for example) are nothing new, the ways to treat those and other bodily imperfections are new and improved. Cosmetic procedures that once intimidated potential patients, are being replaced by less invasive techniques. A good example is cool sculpting, an alternative to liposuction that literally freezes the fat away. There’s virtually no recovery time and can be done in less than an hour.

Whatever your reasons, we can help

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