No one is immune to the natural effects that time and gravity have on our bodies. As we age, the skin in our face loses volume, begins to sag and wrinkles. Depending on one’s lifestyle other problems with the face can sneak up on a person. A facelift is one of the most common procedures to fix all the facial problems that come with age.

But is a facelift by itself enough to achieve the best results? Some plastic surgeons are saying no. It’s becoming more and more common for procedures like fat grafting to complement a facelift.

Why are fat grafting and facelifts so compatible?

Fat grafting is when fat is taken from a donor site on the body, such as the thigh or belly, and injected into specific areas of the face. Most commonly, fat grafting is used to fill out sunken areas under the eyes, smoothing out forehead creases, adding volume to sunken cheeks and other places where age has taken a toll.

A facelift, on the other hand, is when the surgeon makes incisions around the areas of the ears and hairline, and then tightens the muscles and tissue. The surgeon might also remove excess tissue if needed. Because the incisions are made in areas that aren’t very visible, any scarring won’t be noticeable. The result is a face that looks much younger and healthier. The face will have more definition and much of the sagging will be gone.

Facelifts and fat grafts both achieve different results by different means. But they still can work together by one of the skilled plastic surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics.

How does fat grafting improve facelift results?

Fat grafting can smooth out some of the problems that a facelift cannot. For example, while a facelift elevates the skin, smooths out deep creases and even removes excess skin, fat grafting can fill in fine lines and wrinkles and add volume to places that have become sunken over the years. Together, the two procedures can address many cosmetic issues that alone neither one can fix.

Another benefit combining a facelift and fat grafting procedure is that the recovery time is significantly reduced. Having two separate procedures means that the patient must have two recovery periods. Combining these two means the patient will only have one recovery period and will be able to see the results much, much faster.

Are these procedures right for you?

Only a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon can decide if you’re a good candidate for either procedure. During your initial consultation you’ll sit down with the doctor and discuss your concerns and treatment goals. The doctor will also take a detailed medical history to ensure there will be no complications during or after surgery. You will be shown pictures of people who have had similar procedures done and the results achieved.

Do you think a facelift and fat grafting can benefit you?

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