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Microneedling helps to improve the look of sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, and skin texture. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that is painless and has no downtime.

Microneedling uses a tool called a dermapen. A dermapen holds fine needles that inflict thousands of invisible piercings on the deepest layer of your facial skin. Those injuries encourage the production of elastin and collagen for firmer, younger-looking skin.

While DIY beauty has its place, though, this isn’t something you should try at home.

Simplistic At-Home Tools

At-home microneedling kits usually have a simple tool in the form of a roller barrel containing tiny needles all of the same size. While it may seem easy enough to use, easy isn’t always the answer, especially when it comes to minute skin punctures.

The Likelihood of Infection

Microneedling creates the tiniest of injuries to your skin. It leaves your face open and exposed to pathogens (like fungi, bacteria, and viruses). Many people who try at-home kits don’t disinfect their microneedling tool before they use it. Even placing your microneedling device down on a countertop during your DIY session leaves you open to infection if you forget to sterilize it before touching it to your face.

The Risk of Damaged Skin

Microneedling technicians are trained, certified, and experienced. They know the right technique to use, the right amount of pressure to apply, and what needles to use for your desired results.

When you try DIY microneedling, you risk damaging your skin if you press too hard. You could even tear the skin, causing scarring. Even the angle in which the needles pierces your skin is important.

Professional, Safe Microneedling

Microneedling takes up to an hour. Professional technicians use a numbing agent to ensure the utmost comfort during your procedure. Thanks to expert knowledge and technique, there’s no downtime and you can even apply makeup right after your session.

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