If you long for a fresh, clear complexion, laser resurfacing is a popular procedure for minor skin issues that can dramatically improve your appearance. 

A CO2 fractional laser shoots short, concentrated beams of light into irregular cells and vaporizes the outer layer of skin. The underlying skin layer is heated to promote new collagen growth, leaving you with smoother, firmer skin.

Below, we will look at 5 common skin conditions that laser resurfacing can cure.

1. Uneven Skin Tone

Over time, our skin loses elasticity and begins to succumb to gravity’s pull. Laser resurfacing promotes new collagen production in the treated areas and boosts collagen absorption in the untreated areas of your face. You will immediately see improved skin tone and a more youthful look.

2. Facial Wrinkles

Tell-tale lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes are some of the first signs of aging. They are also prime targets for laser resurfacing, which can soften and minimize their appearance. With treatment, wrinkled skin will be lifted and tightened. New collagen growth underneath will improve elasticity.

3. Age Spots

After years in the sun, age spots can appear on your face. Laser resurfacing can pinpoint and remove the discolored cells. Stimulated collagen production and cell turnover will give you a fresh, clean appearance.

4. Acne Scars

Whether you struggled with acne as a teen or still have it as an adult, scars can be an unfortunate result. With laser resurfacing, they can be dramatically reduced or even removed in the same way as age spots. Removing the dead and damaged skin cells on top reveals new, vibrant skin underneath.

5. Large Pores

Large pores are oftentimes a result of age and genetics working against you. With a loss of elasticity, facial pores can stretch out and become noticeable.

Laser resurfacing can make them appear much smaller by removing the upper layer of skin and improving collagen production. This will improve your skin’s elasticity and give you a much smoother appearance.

Final Thoughts

If you look in the mirror and notice signs of aging, large pores, or scars, laser resurfacing may be a good solution for you. With our cutting-edge CO2 fractional laser, your face can be transformed in as little as twenty minutes with minimal recovery time. 

Say goodbye to pesky spots and wrinkles, and smile back at a face you love. With one simple procedure, you can turn back the clock and rediscover your beautiful, healthy skin.

Want to see results? Check out some before and after pictures here!

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